Transportation in Romania

How to buy train tickets online for students


Here you can find all the steps you need to know for purchasing online tickets for students, which are free of charge:


  1. First thing you need is to go to an office at any train station (the ones where you normally go to buy tickets) and ask for the travel card for students. You will then get a paper which looks like a train ticket, be careful not to lose it because you will need it every time you buy tickets online. 



  1. Create an account on 



  1. Choose the details of your train ticket (date, station of departure/arrival)


  1. Choose the number of tickets you need 



  1. Complete the following form with the details from the travel card for students (first step). 


  1. You are now ready to travel to your favorite destinations around Romania. Have fun and stay safe, don’t forget that you have to wear a mask during your trips!