Useful & Emergency numbers

The emergency phone numbers in Romania are:

  • 112: European Emergency number – you can call this number regardless the emergency you have: medical emergency, car crash, accidents, fire, rubbery or when you see something dangerous happening (rocks on the street, fallen trees etc.) and many others situations.
  • 113: Emergency SMS (requires registering in advance)
  • 0725 826 668: Mountains/Salvamont (phone number is coresponding to letters on old phones keyboard - type 0salvamont)


Other important numbers are:

  • (+4) 021 9551: Costumers service
  • (+4) 021 9590: Border Police
  • (+40) 0800 800 358: National Covid-19 Infoline

Remember: when you call any of this numbers, there are few steps you need to remember in order to make it as efficient as possible:

  • Who you are
  • What is the emergency
  • Where it’s happening
  • If someone is injured
  • How bad?/How many?/Can you help?

Note: Do not abuse the emergency numbers and call only when it’s needed. Pranks, jokes or unrelated call are punished by law