The ESNcard is a personal card that every Erasmus student can obtain. By using the card you can access all the Services offered by ESN and our partners. 

In other words, with the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in numerous events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long for discount prices. You can check this website for more detailed information about international partnerships: ESNcard.

The aim of the ESNcard is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange so that they can benefit from it.

How to get an ESNcard?

Due to the current situation that prohibits us from organising a meeting we've established a simple process that limits the contact with each other: 

Step1: Fill in this form.

Step2: Wait for us to reach out to you with further details regarding the payment and delivery of the card.

NOTE: Remember to complete the form only if you study at ASE, SNSPA, UMF or UTCB.

PS: For more information regarding local ESN ASE Bucharest partners and ESNcard, check out this page