ESN Romania

ESN Romania is a national branch of Erasmus Student Network, the biggest student organisation in Europe, supported by the European Commission, which leads its actions following core values like:

  • unity in diversity, diversity in the unity;
  • students helping students;
  • fun in friendship and respect;
  • international dimension of the life;
  • love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange;
  • openness with tolerance and cooperation in the integration.

Our roots:

The first local section of Erasmus Student Network appeared in Romania in 2004, when ESN Cluj-Napoca was accepted within the network and since then more and more people started to believe in the mission and vision of Erasmus Student Network and joined it. Today ESN Romania has 15 local sections in 11 cities: ESN Alba-Iulia, ESN ASE Bucharest, ESN Bacău, ESN Brașov, ESN Cluj-Napoca, ESN Constanța, ESN Craiova, ESN Iași, ESN Sibiu, ESN Poli, ESN Târgu Mureș, ESN Timișoara și ESN UniBucharest. Currently, we also have two candidate sections: CS ESN Oradea and CS ESN Suceava.

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