The most frequently asked question is about accommodation. ESN ASE Bucharest has implemented a buddy program on the basis of students helping students. Our members and some other students from the university as well, are all part of the program.
Note that ESN is not an accommodation agency! We are only students offering and willing to help you. Your buddy may offer you some links for accommodation. We encourage you to find your own accommodation, best suitable for your budget and wishes.
You will be assigned a buddy - a person that will help you in the transitional period to a new environment. Our main objective as buddies is to help you integrate in the new environment and be a familiar face in a crowd of strangers.


Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) has 7 campuses:

  • Moxa D - first degree of comfort, mixed dorm. Organization: 4 students/ room, each room has  a bathroom. Facilities: 2 offices for cooking, 2 study rooms, Medical office - ground floor, Dental office - in the campus courtyard, Moxa Canteen - in the campus courtyard.
  • Belvedere Nou - first degree of comfort, 3 mixed dorms: A6, A7, A8. Organization: 4 students/ room, each room has a bathroom. Facillities: cooking office on each floor, study rooms, Laundry - in Belvedere A6, Fitness room - in Belvedere A7.
  • Tei C1 - first and second degree of comfort, mixed dorm. Organization: 4 students/ room, each room has  a bathroom. Facilities: cooking offices, study rooms.
  • Belvedere Vechi - second degree of comfort, A1 is for men and A2, A3, A4 for women. Organization: A1- 3 students/ room, A2, A3, A4 - 2 students/ room, bathroom on each floor. Facilities: 2 libraries, Laundry - in the proximity.
  • Agronomie C1 & C2 - second degree of comfort, C1 is for women, C2 for men. Organization; 3 students/ room, bathroom on each floor. Facilities; study rooms, 4 cooking offices, Laundry - in C2, Fitness room.
  • Vitan - second degree of comfort, only for international non-EU students. Organization: 2 students/ room, bathroom on each floor. Facilities: one study room, one cooking office.​

More information available here.

National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) has 2 campuses: 

  • Băneasa - 2 mixed dorms. Organization: 4 students/ room, B1 has bathrooms on each floor, B2 has bathrooms on each room. Facilities: internet (included in the price), laundry, study rooms, cooking offices on each floor.
  • Grup Școlar Energetic  - Organization: 2 students/ room, each room has a bathroom. Facilities: internet, laundry, study doom, cooking office.

More information available here.

Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest has one campus with 7 student dorms, one student canteen and a fitness room.

  • C2 - it has bathrooms on each floor, floors are divided for men and women.
  • C3 and C4 - the dorms are separated into modules composed of 2 rooms and a bathroom.
  • C4 - it has rooms with individual bathroom.
  • C7 - it has flat-type rooms with a balcony, bathroom and own kitchen.

More information available here.

"Carol Devila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) has 6 campuses:

  • U1 - U6 - flat-type dorms with 3 students/room, bathroom and own kitchen.
  • B1, B2 - 2 students/ room and own bathroom.
  • E - 2 students/ room and common bathroom
  • A2 - 3 students/ room and common bathroom
  • Bolintineanu - rooms with 2 or 3 students and own bathroom.



An alternative to public student dorms are the private ones which are not administered by universities. Each of them has its own way of organization, payment methods and rules. Some of the most well-known student private dorms in Bucharest are: Arcca Student Housing, West Gate Studios, CampusEst.


The apartments in Bucharest can be quite expensive, especially if they are situated downtown. Rents can reach 200-400 Euro/month for a one-room apartment and 300-500 Euro/month for a two-room apartment. The rent does not include utilities or other facilities like cable TV or internet access.