Owing to its distance from open sea and position on the south-eastern portion of the European continent, Romania has a climate that is temperate and continental, with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 11 °C in the south and 8 °C in the north. 

In summer, average maximum temperatures in Bucharest rise to 28 °C, and temperatures over 35 °C are fairly common in the lower-lying areas of the country. 

In winter, the average maximum temperature is below 2 °C. Precipitation is average, with over 750 mm (30 in) per year only on the highest western mountains, while around Bucharest it drops to around 600 mm (24 in).

Required clothing:

Lightweights are worn in summer on the coast and in low inland areas. Warmer clothes are needed in winter and throughout the year in the uplands. Rainwear is recommended throughout the year.