Partner Universities

Our partner universities are:

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies                             

    The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is and wishes to remain the most prestigious institution of higher economic and public administration education in Romania and to rank amongst the top universities in Europe, as regards the content and modernity of the teaching and learning process, the dynamism of innovation, the implication in strategic partnerships with representatives of the national and international economic and social environment.


Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest

A prestigious institution of Romanian higher education system, and the only Romanian university entirely devoted to education in civil engineering and related fields (such as building services, construction machines and equipment, environmental engineering, geodesy). UTCB includes six faculties providing tuition in Romanian (the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges, the Faculty of Building Services, the Faculty of Technological Equipment and the Faculty of Geodesy) and one in English and French-the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages.

National University of Political Studies and Public Adiminstration

The institution was founded in 1991 and its initial structure was similar to the one of a postgraduate program, following the pattern of the similar institutions from France, Belgium, UK and USA. The university is divided into four faculties – Public Administration, Communication and Public Relations, Political Science and Management – and one department focused on International Relations and European Integration.




University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest

Medical and pharmaceutical higher education in Bucharest dates back more than a century. Carol Davila, a Romanian physician of French origin, in collaboration with Nicolae Kretzulescu set up medical education in our country by founding the National School of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1857.