Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest

A prestigious institution of Romanian higher education system, and the only Romanian university entirely devoted to education in civil engineering and related fields (such as building services, construction machines and equipment, environmental engineering, geodesy).

Today, thousands of graduates of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest are working in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, South Africa etc. The solid knowledge acquired in our university has enabled them to rapidly integrate and adapt to the conditions and working methods in other countries. Everywhere in the world, civil engineers trained at UTCB rank among the best professionals in the domain.

The reorganization of the national system of higher education in Civil Engineering, in accordance with the Bologna Process opens up new recognition prospects for the graduates of UTCB as well as better chances of integrating into the European occupational market. UTCB includes six faculties providing tuition in Romanian (the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges, the Faculty of Building Services, the Faculty of Technological Equipment and the Faculty of Geodesy) and one in English and French-the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages.

In addition, there is a Department of Foreign Language Studies which offers a three-year university education in Applied Modern Languages- specialization translation and interpretation. Located on Bd. Lacul Tei 122 – 124, in the northern side of Bucharest and close to Lacul Tei.