Written by: Daria Istomina Thursday, 31 January, 2019 - 21:49

6 Types of People You Meet on Erasmus

In the kaleidoscope of events that Erasmus always is, it is very easy to lose track of people that you meet. But don’t you worry: we made a list of people who will surely come your way during the exchange! 

We know that labelling people is really uncool but don’t you agree, there are those people that you meet anywhere you go? And this is not surprising because they usually are the ones that you would make a character in a book about Erasmus if you were to write one: each plays their unique role in this period of your life. In this article, we tried to give you a preview of whom you will probably meet during your Erasmus or have already met. In the latter case, this article will be a funny reminder of that amazing time ☺

People in a long-distance relationship

These are the sometimes boring yet the most amazing people: they usually don’t drink too much, are probably the most responsible and will help you to call a cab. And when they are not able to, they are very sorry about that. Also, aren’t they so sweet yet tiring sending tons of pictures and voice messages to their significant others? Their partners will probably visit them on holidays and you will be jealous thinking, “WOW, this is an actual example of a long-distance relationship that works!” We know, it’s a rare one, so don’t be ashamed of that! But, after all, isn’t it amazing to look at these people and be so happy yet so jealous of them? And when they get married, they might even invite you to their wedding and you will have the best time revisiting those amazing memories from your Erasmus.

A person you’ve met at a party once

Well, what can we say? We have to accept the fact that parties are a part of the exchange and sometimes you can really meet someone who will spark your interest. It may not be a start of something big but rather just a good memory. But does it really matter? So our best advice is: enjoy it and be responsible!

That popular person

You thought this stopped when you graduated from high school? Never. There is always this guy or girl who are in the centre of everything. They are the first people your buddy will reach out to when he/she wants to organize an event. If you’ve heard that someone is having a night out on Sunday (when your classes start tomorrow at 9) you can be sure: that was their idea. Doing some crazy stuff only locals do (like bathing in ice water in winter in Russia)? They will be the first to try that. They seem good-looking, with an amazing sense of humour, and somehow everybody loves them from the first sight. How do they do that? This can be a topic for our next article. But for now, our advice is: if you want to have fun, stick with those people.

Your best friend

It probably all started during an orientation session or another ESN event: you two had a surprisingly nice conversation and that person seemed very nice, funny, smart, and outgoing at the same time. You somehow just clicked together. Then the conversation probably continued at the bar you went to after the event. And somehow meeting that person made all of your fears about not making friends on Erasmus disappear: you realized that now you have a friend! Revisiting that now: how many adventures have you had together? You can’t even remember. How many secrets and stories have you shared? It doesn’t matter. You just still don’t understand how it is possible to meet a soulmate in a totally different country. Well, they say that Erasmus can do that to people.

The love of your life

Wow, this article suddenly got very serious by the end! Well, this big feeling never hits you at the right time and in the right place, and it is exciting and hurtful at the same time, especially when you both think that your relationship has an expiry date. But it doesn’t have to. Here are two stories with a happy ending (about Marianna and Marcel and Kate and Javi) to help you overcome all the difficulties. In the end, we are all very romantic somewhere deep in our hearts and believe that if it is really THE true love, it will always win. By the way, if you want to share your Erasmus love story, feel free to contact us.

Your Buddy

Yes, from capital B. This person is the one who will help you to buy warm clothes you forgot to bring. Or maybe you went on a trip and lost all your money? Don’t worry: your Buddy won’t let you sleep on the street and suffer from hunger. They will listen to your poor attempts to speak their language and will always say that your progress is outstanding (even if you simply managed to order a meal in a local canteen). You may wonder: why are Buddies helping you - Erasmus students - all the time? Well, they just enjoy it. When you are fascinated by the architecture, they are fascinated with you, when you feel nervous about your first class, they feel nervous too when you feel sad about leaving – they are sad as well. But don’t worry, this first person you’ve met in this new and unknown country will stay with you even after you leave. Because this is your Buddy.

Here’s our list. Take no offence from it! All of those people will make your Erasmus as unforgettable as it always is and will be a part of the stories you will be telling your friends, parents, kids, and even strangers at the bar. In the end, isn’t Erasmus about unity in diversity? Even if it simply means the diversity of characters that you meet.