Starting with 8th March the following restrictions are applied in Bucharest:

  • The activity of all restaurants and cafes are forbidden inside buildings.
  • Restaurants inside hotels will only be able to serve the clients accomodated there.
  • The activity of cinemas, performance institutions and/or concerts is not allowed.


Some other important points regarding these restrictions:

  • Terraces will remain open and restaurants will still be able to serve takeaway food.
  • These measures will remain until the cumulative incidence rate of cases in the last 14 days will be less than or equal to 3/1000 inhabitants.
  • These measures have been taken on a local level and they are valid only in Bucharest. If you want to travel to other cities, keep in mind that they may be different.


Starting with 14th March the following restrictions are applied in Romania:

  • The curfew will be prolonged.
  • The movement during 22:00 - 5:00 is forbidden unless it is motivated by one of the reasons stated in this declaration.
  • Hotels in the mountain resorts will only be allowed to accommodate 70% of the potential clients.