Lasertag Arena Bucharest is a different playground, intended for both children and adults which also organizes children's parties and corporate events.

With a recently renovated lasertag arena (having 700 m2, so it is the largest lasertag arena in Bucharest), Lasertag Arena is a fun and playing space different from the classic playgrounds we all know.

As you step into the Lasertag Arena garrison, you will be greeted, in addition to the proverbial hospitality of our team, by the largest relaxation area of ​​a playground, 125 m2. The space is equipped with comfortable tables and sofas, play area (fussball, airhockey, darts, trampoline, billiards) plus a diverse bar: various juices, plain water, mineral water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc.

This laser arena is developed on two levels, with the most captivating stories written on all walls by one of the most talented graphic artists.

Discounts for ESNcard holders: 15 lei- first game, 12 lei- second game.

Check out the details available here for bookings!