The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is and wishes to remain the most prestigious institution of higher economic and public administration education in Romania and to rank amongst the top universities in Europe, as regards the content and modernity of the teaching and learning process, the dynamism of innovation, the implication in strategic partnerships with representatives of the national and international economic and social environment.

Course Rooms Encoding

The rooms of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) are encoded with 4 figures, on the XYZZ model, where: 

  • X represents the main building: 

0 - building in 2-4 Caderea Bastiliei St.

5 - building in 5 Stanislav Cihoschi St.

1 - building in 41 Dacia Blvd

6 – building in 9 Stanislav Cihoschi St.

2 - building in 15-17 Calea Dorobanti

7 – building in 1-3 Amzei St.

3 - building in 5-7 Mihail Moxa St.

8 – building in 11 Tache Ionescu St.

4 - building in 2-2A Calea Grivitei

9 - building in 22-24 Calea Serban Voda 


  • Y represents the floor
  • ZZ represents the number of the room 









Ion N Angelescu Building - 2-10 Caderea Bastiliei St., and 6 Piata Romana St., 1st District, Bucharest

Mihai Eminescu Building - 41 Dacia Blvd., 1st District, Bucharest

Virgil Madgearu Building – 15-17 Calea Dorobantilor, 1st District, Bucharest

Mihail Moxa Building – 5-7 Mihail Moxa St., 1st District, Bucharest

Victor Slavescu Building - 2-2A Calea Grivitei, 1st District, Bucharest

Stanislas Cihoschi Building – 5 Stanislav Cihoschi St., 1st District, Bucharest

The sports center – 5 Stanislav Cihoschi St., 1st District, Bucharest

Anton Davidoglu Building – 1-3 Amzei St., 1st District, Bucharest

Ionescu Dumitru (Tache) Building – 11 Tache Ionescu St., 1st District, Bucharest

Nicolae Iorga Building - 22-24 Calea Serban Voda, 1st District, Piata Unirii