Author: Iulia Gabriela Nicolescu



Erasmus Student Network is dedicated to a lot of causes that impact us and people around us. We love to contribute to the well-being of the world, therefore, a cause very close to our hearts is Environment Sustainability, which is celebrated all over the world through Earth Day.

Earth Day represents the world’s biggest environmental campaign, which is celebrated over three days in 2021, from 20th to 22nd of April, with up to one billion participants which are taking action to protect our planet and focus on the climate emergency.

This years’ theme is “Restore Our Earth”, being celebrated through online events due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions around the world. The climate action events include a global youth climate summit in which young activists like Greta Thunberg are making their voices heard. Moreover, an education summit will highlight the fact that educators’ role is crucial in combating climate change.


Every year on the 22nd of April we celebrate Earth Day in order to remember and emphasize the fact that our dear planet and its ecosystems offer us all the necessary conditions to maintain life, but also to raise awareness on pollution and the actions that have a negative impact on Terra. In 2009, Earth Day was officially declared an international celebration by the United Nations.  In 2021 we celebrate 51 years since the birth of the Earth Day movement – although, it would be ideal for these actions to happen every day in order to protect our planet from the actions that pollute it.


Groups that had fought individually against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, toxic dumps, pesticides, highways, wildlife loss and the extinction of wildlife came together on Earth Day around these common values. In 1970, Earth Day has achieved a rare political alignment, gaining the support of Republicans and Democrats, the rich and the poor, urban dwellers and farmers, business leaders and workers.


Earth Day in our era 

Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the world's greatest eco-movement, marked by more than a billion people each year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes. Clearly, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency as the ravages of climate change become more obvious every day.

Every year the events organized by Earth Day vary depending on the area or population involved. It is a tradition, on the occasion of each edition, that Planet Earth Day respects a different theme every year; this year's theme is: “Restore our Earth”.