Dear international students,

According to the new restrictions imposed by the Governments due to the COVID-19 virus, since today at midday people are no longer allowed to go outside unless:

  • You have to go to work and you can’t work from home (you need proof from the workplace)
  • You need to buy things for basic living necessities
  • You need medical aid (going to the hospital or clinic)
  • You don’t go far from home (for example walking your pet, doing some outdoor sports – but not group sports)

When you go outside for any of the reasons listed above, you must always have a self-written commitment that must contain your full name, date of birth, home address (in Romania), reason why you are going out, date and signature. It can be on your phone, but it must be filled out BEFORE you go out. Volunteers in your section can help you fill it in. 

Stay strong, and stay safe!