The “Ceauşescu Mansion” was for a quarter of a century (1965-1989) the private residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu and of their children, Nicu, Zoia, and Valentin.

You will have the chance to see how Ceauşescu lived, not only as an internationally known head of state, but as a man in his own private life – the hobbies that he had, what his routine around the privacy of his home was, how he studied or what art collections he had in his house.

The entrance will take place in groups of maximum 6 people every 15 minutes.
The price for the tour is 40 lei with the student card, so don't forget to bring it with you (even from your country), together with your ID card.

Safety measures

Don't forget to have a mask with you!
The spots are limited due to the government restrictions, so if you are interested please complete the form below until Tuesday, 29th of September, 12.00

NOTE: This event is organized for the students from ASE, SNSPA, UMF and UTCB.

30/09/2020 - 15:00 to 17:00