Don’t we all love food? 

Wouldn’t you fancy taking a glimpse of what Romanian cuisine is?
Traditions and culture are deeply rooted in food. This is why visiting another country cannot be imagined without tasting the wonders of local cuisine. 

We are inviting you to exchange your usual Monday dinner with a traditional Romanian eat out. Come and try sarmale, tochitură, mămăliguţă and mouth-watering papanaşi.

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When? ✦ Monday | 8th October, 19:00
Where? ✦ Hanu' lui Manuc

❗MEETING POINT❗ 18:30, Starbucks Unirii 

Do not be late - our food tastes better warm! ;)

Hosted by ESN UniBuc, ESN Poli and ESN ASE Bucharest teams

Facebook Event: Romanian Dinner 

08/10/2018 - 19:00 to 22:00