List of countries / areas with high epidemiological risk from 07.10.2020, according to Decision no. 47 of 05.10.2020 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations

List in force beginning 07.10.2020 at 0:00

YELLOW AREA (quarantine 14 days): Aruba, Sint Maarten, Peru, Maldives, Bahrain, Columbia, Panama, Brasil, Puerto Rico, Guam, Israel, Bahamas, Argentina, Kuwait, Costa Rica, USA, Spain, Republic of Moldova, Qatar, Irak, Belize, Chile, Palestine, Malta, Cape Verde, Andorra, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Paraguay, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba, Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, French Polynesia, Lebanon, Belgium, Cape Verde, Armenia, Great Britain, Iceland, Oman, UAE, Denmark, Libya, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Georgia, Curaçao.  More details here.

The quarantine measure applies to all persons arriving from an international journey from countries / areas with high epidemiological risk and have the right to enter the national territory, respectively: Romanian citizens, citizens of European Union Member States, European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation, or to the persons who fall under one of the exceptions below: 

  • family members of Romanian citizens;
  • family members of nationals of other EU Member States or of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation, with residence in Romania;
  • persons holding a long-stay visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to a residence permit, issued by the authorities or a document equivalent issued by the authorities of other states, according to EU law;
  • persons traveling for work, proven by a visa, residence permit or other equivalent document, medical staff, medical researchers, geriatric care medical staff, as well as carriers and other categories of staff involved in the transport of goods which provide such necessary transports;
  • persons in transit, including those repatriated as a result of the granting of consular protection;
  • passengers traveling for imperative reasons;
  • people in need of international protection or other humanitarian reasons;
  • foreigners and stateless persons traveling for study purposes;
  • foreigners and stateless persons, highly qualified workers, if their employment is economically necessary and the activity cannot be postponed or carried out abroad;

 The quarantine of persons shall be established at the respective person's home, at a declared location, as the case may be, in a special space, designated by the authorities.



COVID-19 restrictions in Romania 

  1. Where to wear a mask?

  2. any enclosed public space, commercial space, public transport and at work, throughout the presence in these spaces, with the following exceptions: the employee is alone in the office, the person suffers from diseases that affect the ability to oxygenate , the person performs intense physical activities or in demanding working conditions (high temperatures, high humidity, etc.), TV presenters and their guests, provided that the distance of 3 meters between people, public speakers, indoors, provided the distance is observed 3 meters between them and other people, only if there are no more than 16 people on the premises

  3.  children under 5 years of age.

  4. participants in outdoor cultural events and activities, with a large number of participants (maximum 100).

  5. In the zones and time intervals established by decision of the county committee or of the Municipality of Bucharest for emergency situations, the wearing of a mask is also mandatory in open public spaces, for persons aged 5 years or older. You can find a more detailed list with all the places where you need to wear a mask in Bucharest here. 

  6. Terrace and restaurants

From September 1, 2020, activity is allowed in restaurants and cafes, serving indoors, in cities where the rate of spread of the new coronavirus is equal to or below 1.5 / 1,000 inhabitants, cumulatively, in the last 14 days. 

Important! The ban on indoor operation for bars / clubs activities is maintained 

In these spaces, regardless of whether they operate outside or inside buildings, the following measures must be observed:

  • A table can be occupied by a maximum of 6 customers. Exceptions to this rule are members of the same family, who have the same domicile.

  • In the case of terraces, the distance of at least 2 meters between the occupants of the chairs next to the tables will be observed.

  • Customers will follow the travel circuits, established so that the distance between people of at least 1.5 meters is maintained.

  • When serving meals, staff will wear a mask and disinfect their hands before each serving.

  • The disinfection of the tables is done after each client / group.

  • Disinfection of hands at the entrance of customers in the cafe / restaurant and at the entrance and exit of the bathrooms.

  • The activities of the catering units operating in the package sale regime are allowed.

  • It is allowed to operate the restaurants of the accommodation units, exclusively for the clients accommodated in these units, if the cumulative infection rate in the respective city exceeds the coefficient of 1.5 / 1,000 in the last 14 days.

  • The occupancy will be made with prior reservation or with registration on arrival in a register prepared by the economic operator. Exceptions are the clients of the catering units that serve accommodation units, where the reservation can be made based on the number of the room where the clients are accommodated.

  • Payment by card is recommended!

  • The public catering units have the obligation to respect the working hours with the public and the restrictions established by decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations

  1. Private events

·         In closed spaces: A maximum of 50 people are allowed.

·         In open spaces: A maximum of 100 people are allowed.

  1. Public events

It is allowed to organize and carry out outdoor shows, concerts, festivals or other events with the participation of up to 500 spectators with seats, at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other, as well as with the mandatory wearing of a protective mask. 

You can find more information here.