Lately, it's been more and more difficult to do the things that until now were trivial, especially when it comes to food and supplies. Invaded by a lot of information, with the new virus on sight, we are in desperate need of guides for almost everything  Read more 

Written by: Daria Istomina
Written by: Myrto Delkou 
Written by: Ameni Mehrez
Dragoș Trifănescu


Dragoş Trifănescu: Hi, Cristina! We want to know, above all, a few things about you. How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Cristina Puiu: Hi, Dragoş. You started with the hardest question. Well, I can say I'm always looking for the new, beauty lover and kind of nonconformist – I mean I like to make my own rules. I love working with people, although I’m feeling repulsive  when I'm talking with people who are narrow-minded. I resonate with the unprejudiced.